We are specializing in providing quick, cost effective stainless steel and copper counter tops.

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We got the tools

Ability to provide a complete fabrication service to customers

Certified Experience

we will use our expertise to provide high quality metalwork and fabrication solutions.

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provide quality services and competitive pricing to our customer.

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We are confident in our capabilities to provide a professional, honest and reliable service to our customers, allowing you to be assured that we will deliver quality standards and solid results.

15 Years Experience

We have great experience in the machining and installation of structural and finishing steel-work

Great Support

Always listen to customer and provide great support.

Featured Work

Welcome to JX Laser Cutting Company Malaysia

In manufacturing and industrial units, it is most common to fall into the requirement of laser cutting service. JX Laser Cut is a laser cutting company Malaysia which handles many services like laser cut titanium, and such other. This service is ideal for manufacturing industries that fall in need for cutting of sheets of material such as plastic, wood, rubber, thin steel or card stock.

The only requirement that we need from our end is to provide us with a design of the sheet that you require drawn on a computer and we will provide you so with a Laser cut Aluminum Malaysia and Laser cut Titanium.

In addition to the titanium and aluminum sheets, we also handle laser cutting of other materials like Stainless steel work Malaysia in the Stainless steel service. Other services that are determined to provide to our customers include the service of Titanium coating service Malaysia.

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